About Us

Open MYR, LLC:

We are an innovative startup based in Syracuse, New York. We have a wide skill set and are driven to make novel designs and creations. We operate from a basement under a pile of prototypes and early concepts, yet from these humble beginnings we are putting together a Kickstarter campaign for a groundbreaking product.

To stay fed as we work late nights, we buy local produce and constantly cook new things. Our code releases are named after things we cooked while coding ie. 0.3.0 Pulled Pork and 0.4.0 Fresh Pastrami.

How we started:

We are like-minded engineers that found ourselves putting together a terribly designed 3D printer from a kit. After countless hours of tweaking, repairing and reassembling, we finally had something that resembled a 3D printer. After a couple of seconds of running a test print however, the printer failed catastrophically and became little more than abstract art.

Frustrated, we set out to design a better printer. The printer project was mothballed due to a lack of funds, however, we have had many ideas and a large enough coverage of experience to see any of them through. One of these ideas was an innovative wireless motor, which we decided to make our debut product.

Our Name:

The “Open” in OpenMYR refers to how our designs and software are open-source. The “MYR” in our name is an acronym of no meaning.

About the Team:

Kyle Berezin:

The original founder of OpenMYR, Kyle Berezin has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an instinct to create. As a programmer and mechanical engineer, Kyle brings a useful mix of practical knowledge and adaptability to the team.

Chris Adams:

A graduate of University at Buffalo with an electrical engineering degree, Chris Adams is the designer of every board OpenMYR has made.

Brandon Brown:

Brought on to code embedded firmware in C, Brandon Brown has been invaluable in bringing our products to life. Driven by a love of food and the hope of paying off student loans, Brandon has become the main contributor of code.